Delirium Haunted House

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Some back story on how we became Delirium.  Delirium started out as a two person scare on a small porch back in 2006. With a little help from a boom box, face paint, homemade costumes, and a bowl full of candy to lure our treats to us.  We started making our own dumb bodies, added a few props and even added a couple more actors to the mix. 

We grew so much by 2009 we turned half our driveway into a tunnel of Delirium. People didn't know which way to go, teens losing candy buckets, everyone screaming, then they would exit across the front yard and be on their merry scary way. 

That following year (2010) we grew even bigger. We went from the one car driveway space only being enclosed, to the one car driveway space plus the whole front yard enclosed. It was completely delirious. 

So in 2012 we then took over half the neighbor's yard. Over 2,000 square feet of Delirium.